Diversifying AI to cross-verticals, we accelerate the data processing and use that output to train models using ADAM supercomputer.


MegaMolBART (drug discovery), Covid19 lesion (CT images) classification


Crack detection, gap detection, colour-gradient classification

Computer Vision

Action Recognition Net, BodyPoseNet, DashCamNet, Text Classification, EmotionNet, FaceDetectIR, FaceDetect, Facial Landmark Estimator (FPENet), Gaze Estimation, GestureNet, HeartRateNet, Joint Intent and Slot Classification, License Plate Detection, License Plate Recognition, Token Classification, PeopleNet (object detection), PeopleSegNet (instance segmentation), Semantic Segmentation (people), Generic Classification, Traffic Cam (object detection), Vehicle (Brand) Classification, Vehicle (Type) Classification


Floating Object Detection, Floating Object Classification (type), Image (Weather) Detection

Why Us?

We self-assembled, operate our own A.D.A.M. supercomputer. Which means, we can train a model limitlessly without ever worried about outbound charges (unlike cloud providers) and data sovereignty. As A.D.A.M. is 88th world fastest supercomputer, it is meant for double-precision (for scientific/engineering calculation) and single-precision/mixed-precision (for training/inferencing) - a splendid combination for acceleration (faster output) on compute and training the output data faster.

Enough said.

15 Years of
14 years ago, we advocate parallel computing in Malaysia when it was relatively new, even until today. Plus, we do AI.
Our Own
Our A.D.A.M. supercomputer was at 88th in the supercomputer world ranking - the only AI company that own a supercomputer in Malaysia.
Best of Both
We accelerate the data output, store it locally, and we do AI. The faster we can train, the faster we can increase the accuracy.
Missions, Visions
Every single R&D won't be wasted. Integrations throughout all services. Imagine the possibilities. Simplified solutions.

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